Monday, August 22, 2011

Back from the dead

Mes Amis

Bloody hell... April was my last post. April!

I am lax. I am sorry. You may beat me with sticks when you see me*.

But I haven't been sleeping this whole time. No, I've been busy. Lots of stuff happening in real life and in the writing world. Book #3 will be coming your way. Not till 2012 by the looks of thingsLink, but its coming. But to whet your appetite in the meantime, check out this (In the UK or in the US and with epub etc coming very soon):

Oh yes, you're seeing that right. We're talking a short story collection which features all my original stories from Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, as well as several others that feature the same characters.

And yes, isn't that a beautiful cover by the incredibly, wonderfully talentled JT Lindroos?

So.. what else? Well I'll be back in the US this year in St Louis for Bouchercon where you'll be getting double the Russel for your money. Check these panels out:

Thursday 15 September, 8.30am (!): WOMAN TROUBLE-Landmark 1,2,3
Crime fiction is rife with ‘bad girl’ characters.
Russel McLean (M), Lori G. Armstrong, Judy Clemens, Christa Faust, Lauren Henderson, Karen Olson

Friday 16 September, 1:00pm: SHADOWS RISING-Landmark 1,2,3
Movies for the crime fiction fan
Jeremy Lynch (M), Megan Abbott, David Corbett, Russel McLean, Todd Ritter, Wallace Stroby

Goddamn, what a line-up! And of course I'll be hanging around the bar a lot, too. Not drinking, of course. I'd never touch the stuff!

But what of those back home? Do they get no Russel? Well, people of Ayr can enjoy me next week (27/8/11) for the Ayrshire reader's day when I'll be appearing with Ken McLeod, Karen Campbell and Louise Welsh as we talk to readers about books we love (in my case, I'll be leading a group discussion on Megan Abbott's amazing noir novel BURY ME DEEP) and our own books, too (I'll be taking the blame for THE LOST SISTER).

But after that, wait until October 28 when you can see me here in Dundee delivering an Armitstead Lecture on the history of crime fiction. Oh, yes, I'll be returning to my academic roots for this one. But don't think that'll mean there'll be less jokes that a typical McLean event. I'll be slipping through some puns amongst the lecturing bits, I assure you!

And what else? Well let's see if I can't update this blog a little, eh? I've been watching some bad films recently and you know, I really used to love using this blog to talk about the bad films I've seen...

Until then,

Au revoir

*Actually, please don't. That would hurt.

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