Friday, December 02, 2011

Its Competition Time!

Mes Amis

Okay, here’s the deal. I want to give you something. Not neccesarily for Christmas, but just because I love you.

Only trouble is, being a Scot, I give away very little for free, so I’ll make a deal with you:
I’m looking for people to spread the word. Up my sales in some way and I’ll give you a little signed something for your effort. You can keep it for yourself. You can give it as a gift to a friend.
You can use it to prop up that wobbly table.

All you need to do is big me up.

Over the next month I want you to hit the websites. I want you to post a review of one of my books (THE GOOD SON,THE LOST SISTER or THE DEATH OF RONNIE SWEETS) on the website of your choice. It can be a personal blog. A review site. Goodreads. Amazon. Waterstones. The Book Depository. Whatever. Then I want you to email me the link to (replacing that _at_ with @, obviously) including your name and return email. On the closing date of 23 December I shall put all your names in a hat and announce the winner shortly thereafter.

The winner gets their choice of and a signed personalised (in any way they wish) copy of:

a) UK edition of THE GOOD SON.

b) UK edition of THE LOST SISTER


d) A hardcover copy of the brilliant anthology, EXPLETIVE DELETED which features one of my early shorts among a whole slew of brilliant writers whom you can then stalk for autographs should you so desire*

The small print is simple: anyone except me can enter. Only reviews that appear after 02/12/11 are elegible (if you have already reviewed, you can put that review elsewhere and I’ll put you in the draw). There is no cash equivalent of the prize. Offer is open anywhere in the world.

Oh, and obviously nice reviews (you can be a little critical if you like, but any hate-filled rants or complaints about swearing and/or violence will make you ineligible) are ineligible. We’re trying to spread the word here and help me and my publishers around the world continue to give you, the reader, your much-needed fix of Scottish noir. Oh, and it goes without saying that before reviewing or saying nice things you really should have read at least one of the books!

Go to it!

Au revoir


*I do not condone stalking in any way. Probably.

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