Monday, March 05, 2007

All about "Nobody's Listening" and the blog short story project

Mes Amis

I got an email a few weeks back from Bryon Q. He was starting up the third great blog short story project. Basically, everyone asked to contribute, with a blog, posts a story. A short story on a theme.

Great idea.

Some great results.

I am of course probably the last person to post. Probably not the high point that some of the other stories will be.

But it was a challenge. I had a thousand words to write about blogging. And I thought, what scares me most about blogging?

And I realised it was this: you never know who's listening.

Anyone can read this. I have had old school friends get back in touch after finding this blog (its far better than Friends fucking Reunited - and I don't have to pay to reply to those I actually do want to get back in touch with!). I have had nutjobs email me letters about how its my fault terrorists are taking over the world (because I'm a left winger who glorifies criminals apparently - go figure!). I've been asked to cease and desist because I've made commentary on certain things.

Like I said, you never know.

And likewise you never know who the person is who's blogging. You may think you know me by what I post but you probably don't.

So with "Nobody's Listening" I wanted to play with some of those ideas.

Now, there was no editor for this story. Nobody has said, yeh, its good, or nay, its bad. It stands there on its own. An experiment. Stylistically, too, because the story is pretty much pure dialogue. Even the blog entries count, I guess. So I feel like I'm putting my testicles out there for someone to kick with this one. But rough around the edges as I'm sure it is, I hope there's something in there for you to enjoy.

And if not, hell, these guys are infinitely more talented than I:

JT Ellison

Mike Maclean

Paul Guyot

Karen Olson

Stephen D Rogers

Gerald So

Daniel Hatadi

JD Rhoades

Dave White

Anthony Rainone

Pari Noskin Taichert

Patti Abbott

Stephen Allan

Christa Miller

David J. Montgomery

Bryon Q himself:

John Rickards

Christa Miller

Bill Crider

John Dumand


And we'll update if more come in!

Au revoir



Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with you Russel. I am constantly surprised by the weirdos that lurk in cyberspace

I've decided to post anonymously just to make you wonder who I am. This post may or may not be followed with emails instructing you to cease and desist from your leftist, criminal-loving ways.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, now that's something to think about - who's reading...?
I might have to drop blogging altogether and just phone people instead.
Good to read your blog though, see how you're doing...

Anonymous said...
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