Friday, April 08, 2011

The First Sign of Madness...

Mes Amis

Today I has been all over the internets. Seriously, its been like a wave of me which is a terrifying though.

Let's start at Criminal-E where Allan Guthrie interviews me to promote the kindle edition of THE GOOD SON.

And the move to Paul D Brazill's place where he asks me some short, sharp questions and I uphold the superiority of The Beano over The Broons.

I talk to myself (its the first sign of madness you know) at the insistence of Nigel P Bird.

And finally (phew!) as ever, I'm Doing Some Damage and this week I'm talking about that old chestnut, where a writer gets his ideas.

Soon enough I shall have written enough that I can control the entire internet! Tremble before me world! Tremble!

Oh, and don't forget, if you're in the Dundee area on Thursday 14 April, I'll be talking to Ray Banks and Tony Black at the Steps Theatre (in the main library) as part of Watersones' Dundee new crime club series. I

Until next time, mes amis,

Au revoir


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