Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Crying Shamus...

Mes Amis

It was Naomi Johnson of The Drowning Machine who started it. Sent me a message on the ol' Twitter saying,


And I had to wonder what for.

Turns out THE GOOD SON has been nominated for a Shamus Award by those wonderful folks at the PWA.

This is a cool thing for me. A lot of good folks have won the Shamus down the years and just as many cool cats of crime have been shortlisted for the award as well. So I'm in fine company, and nowhere moreso than with my fellow nominees who are all wonderfully talented.

The results will be anounced at Bouchercon in October.

Au revoir



William Ryan said...

Great work, Russell. Much deserved

William Ryan said...

Sorry Russel, over-enthusiastic use of the l key on the keyboard there.

Charlieopera said...

You the man!

Russel said...

William and Charlie - thanks, guys. Even if it is weeks later, I've only just recovered enough to check the comments around here!