Thursday, August 05, 2010

"Superman saved the day..."

Mes Amis

Okay, I ain't the biggest fan of the Boy Scout... um, I mean The Man of Steel... but I do like this story where he winds up saving the day for a family facing foreclosure.

I wonder how much a copy of the Beano from the mid eighties would be worth now? Sadly without its original Fizzle Stick free gift which was consumed within minutes of purchase. Always used to annoy me that how they attached the free sweets with sticky tape that ripped apart the front pages of the comic.

In unrelated comics memories, my dad once tried to get me a tour of DC Thomson (publishers of Scotland's top comic book The Beano, and also the sadly missed Starblazer among many other comic books) when I was a lad who said he wanted to write comics.

He never showed me the letter that basically said "sod off, we'd never let kids near a place that creates comics" until I reached my early twenties. Even then it still stung.

Which provides me another tenuous link to say that tomorrow's post at Do Some Damage will be about rejection letters. So come along and join the fun.

Au revoir


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