Sunday, October 11, 2009

"I can barely remember what I wrote in this one"

Mes Amis

Not quite the same as being there, but with thanks to my Dad, a couple of clips of the launch of THE LOST SISTER now exist online. There was apparently a third clip but its been deleted by an act of God (or a wrong button pressed - only you can decide!).

Anyway, here I am about to try and read from the opening of the book when a couple of heckles and an unexpected intruder put pay to my plans:

And here I am finally getting back into order and reading the prologue of the novel.

Of course, there was far more than that going on, but as you can see I got at least one decent laugh out of the evening and that's all that counts.

Its also worth noting that THE LOST SISTER made it into the Scottish Interest Charts from Waterstones at #8 this week (as seen in this week's wondrous Glasgow Herald), one behind that master of mirth Christopher Broookmyre (SNOWBALL IN HELL is great fun!), several more behind that rapscallion Stuart MacBride (if you ain't read HALFHEAD, do it NOW! - after reading THE LOST SISTER, obviously) but frighteningly, one place ahead of Literary Genius Iain Banks (I haven't read TRANSITION yet, but its on me list!) ! Of course, with your help perhaps we can make it two weeks before I drop out of the charts altogether. So go ahead, purchase away my legions - - let us make this the Age of the Russel - free beards for all!

Right... now to go and catch up on stuff what I should have done ages ago...

Au revoir



Sean Chercover said...

And this shall be the Age Of Russel. Well on your way to World Domination, my friend.

Proud of you, even if you did spew on my shoes.

j purdie said...

Congrats on your chart position. Hope it doesn't affect your royalties but I got The Lost Sister as part of a three for two at Waterstone's at the weekend and I'm looking forward to reading it.

Russel said...


I'm never going to be allowed to forget the shoe spew incident, am I? Heh...


The 342 is the reason I made the charts in the first place, I think. So as long as you bought the book in a way that gets me any royalties at all, I'm very happy indeed.

Hope you enjoy the book!

Mike P said...

Nice one - wish I could have been there (damn work trips!).

Hmm, did I read correctly? You spewed on someone's shoes? Excellent (not for the shoes, obviously) - now I'm not the only person I know to have committed said mis-deed...

Steve Weddle said...

Very nice, sir.