Sunday, October 04, 2009

Lost and Found

Mes Amis

Huge, incredibly grateful thanks to all of you who showed up for the launch of THE LOST SISTER on Thursday night (and if anyone can confirm rumours that the launch was mentioned on STV the next day, please tell me). With incredibly grateful thanks to the wondrous staff at Drouthy's bar on the Perth Road for opening their vaults to our madness. The event went very well indeed and with enormous thanks to my big, bad boss Gordon Dow for introducing the whole shebang and Scotsman journalist Dave Lewis for providing insightful questions (and, apparently, eye candy for the ladies - - as if I wasn't enough, eh? Eh?)

Sales were nice and everyone enjoyed the bar afterwards. And, no, that wasn't a pint of vodka I was drinking during the interview - it was actually water. I saved the beer till later.

Anyway, here's some photos for those of you who weren't there, and if you want an unbiased view of the event (and a competition to win the book if you can guess my food allergy - the pun is in the question) go visit the wonderful Donna Moore post haste.

Let's start with me and Dave up in the pulpit...

And then the crowds in one one half of the bar (the room was a funny shape so there are more folks out of shot, many of them standing near the stairs where apparently you could only hear the "short, funny looking one with the loud voice")

And here's some of me signing, too, afterwards.

And finally - a celebratory pint: I survived!

So there we have it. A whole evening encapsulated in a few photographs. As ever, thanks to those who showed up, my agent Al Guthrie for all his efforts in getting me here, my UK publishers, Five Leaves Publications for getting the book out to the world and Dave Lewis for agreeing to do the interview.

And of course all those booksellers who made book #2 a viable proposition! You guys have a harder job than most people realise...

And now, mes amis, I'm going to go and sleep...

Au revoir


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