Saturday, November 07, 2009

"Assured and uncompromising."

Mes Amis

Rock on those lovely folks at The Big Issue, especially Doug Johnstone, for the recent (and wonderful) review of THE LOST SISTER.

Its a short 'un, but good, and to set up the context, it follows on from a review of a poetry collection:

"...Not poetic, but certainly compelling is THE LOST SISTER by Russel D McLean. Set in Dundee, its a hard-boiled and heavily stylised crime-noir tale, the followup to the author's debut. THE GOOD SON. Once more we journey with private eye McNee as he trudges through the underbelly of the City of Discovery, in an assured and uncompromising tale to whet the appetite of hardcore crime fans."

Oh, yes. I'm liking that. Especially the "assured and uncompromising" bit.

And the word "compelling," too.

Anyway, I am returning to the bactcave for a while to work on some terrible secret projects. I am behind with correspondence, so anyone expecting to hear from me... I will be with you asap!

Au revoir


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