Saturday, July 19, 2008

Friday Fun from Harrogate

Mes Amis

Its my last day here at Harrogate! I am leaving on a jet... um... train... this evening, to go back home and recuperate before work on Monday. Timing, pricing and other things means I will miss on the evening quiz/drinking, and since this is (despite Ms Sandra's disbelief!) a sober harrogate, I am almost upset... its been rather fun seeing drunk people the last few nights. Especially since many of them are very confused.

I have been told my accent is variously Irish, American, and "Just like David Tennant!" in the space of five minutes by the same person. Who also told me I was younger than they thought I was, which I think might be a compliment.

I have been introduced to people as "Russell James", "Robert" and "the manager of the Abderdeen National Booksellers*" which is wrong on two very important counts**. And yes, the old favourite, "Russell Grant" also popped up, but this is the first time it was not from Simon Kernick.

The panels themselves have been, as ever, a mixed bag. Highlights were the light spirited James Bond panel, which flowed very nicely even if all the panellists seemed to completely misinterpret the final question from the audience and the Robert Crais interview, which was relaxed and entertaining. And finally, at the "Balloon Game" where various authors pretended to be dead authors in order not to be thrown out of a balloon, Stuart MacBride's wondrous ressurection of Edgar Allen Poe was a particular (if disturbing) highlight... although, can I just say... about that crow puppet... nevermore...

There has been all the usual blather at the bar. And I have developed an addiction to WagaMama's thanks to two visits in esteemed company. But for now I am off to Breakfast with the lovely Donna Moore (aka Madame Sin***), the equally lovely Julie Lewthwaite, the beardy James Oswald and the faun like Vincent Holland Keen.

Au revoir


*I feel like on the blog, I will not mention my employers by name.
**One, I do not work at Aberdeen store and two, I am decidedly *not* the manager
***You'll have to ask her...


Sandra Ruttan said...

Sorry you have to leave early. If you find time go pinch Simon's butt for me.

Only because the idea of you pinching his butt is an amusing one.

Seriously, hope you're having fun. Sounds like it. And perhaps if you could sort your accent properly people might remember who you are. ;)

Donna said...

I'll 'Madame Sin' you, you cheeky young whippersnapper :o) 'Twas good to see you Russel.
Madame Sin

Russel said...

Sandra --

I'm afraid I only got this after my arrival home, so no butt pinching of Kernick. At least, not because you asked me to...

Madame Sin

I'm not sure if that's a threat or not :) I understand that Al was your downfall in the saturday quiz?

that girl said...

hey buddy
Are you still with Jenny Brown Associates? You're still up as their author.

Russel said...

Yes, yes I am as agent Al is part of Jenny Brown associates.

I know who you're thinking of though and I amicably parted company with them a while back.