Friday, July 18, 2008

Live (ish) from (not very) Sunny Harrogate

Mes Amis

Yeah, its that time of year again - - the Harrogate International Crime Writing Festival is upon us, and so a bunch of readers, writers, editors, agents, booksellers and layabouts have gathered in this lovely English town to discuss the state of the genre or possibly get a bit tipsy in celebration of surviving another year.

Its been the usual mix of good times, war stories, half-remembered faces (With my beard back, a number of people are looking at me funny, going,"Do I know you?") and Zoe Sharp teaching everyone the easy ways to kill other people with ordinary household implements (although Martyn Waites can do it with blu-tac!).

Anyway, the news you'll all want to know (maybe) is... who won the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year? And more importantly you'll want to know, did anyone believe that was a snappy title for the award (although the beer itself is absolutely lovely, and I hear the company is expanding into hotels and... chutney???).

The winner this year was Stef Penney for THE TENDERNESS OF WOLVES. Already winner of the Costa, this debut novel has proved itself to have legs, so well done to Stef Penney and well done also to the shortlisted authors who deserved to be up there on stage or at least mentioned in absentia.

Other than that, the festival business goes on as normal. Due to budget constraints I am not going to many panels this year. Sadly this means I'll miss Charlie Owen talking about his work as a copper which fed into HORSES ARSE and FOXTROT OSCAR. A shame because I managed to meet him last night at (where else?) the bar and he's a fantastic chap... and anyone who worships Joseph Wambaugh is allright in my books.

And yes, the rumours are true, I am very sober at this year's Harrogate thanks to Donna Moore's terrible rumour mongering last year about my sleeping on benches, I have decided to take no chances and remain clear headed. So far it seems to be working!

Anyway, I'm writing this from the Harrogate Library because of a lack of laptop, so I'll sign off for now as my session is due to end soon.

Until next time, mes amis,

Au Revoir


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Sandra Ruttan said...

Sober at a con? The world is on her... er... backside.