Friday, August 08, 2008

Things I has learned of late

Mes Amis

1) People do read this blog and people do notice when I have not posted for a while. For the record, I have not joined the foreign legion.

2) Thanks to my Dad, I now know that when you type "russel mclean good son" into google, the Five Leaves Publications entry offers the following synopsis:

"He is descended from Huguenots and Sephardic Jewish East Enders. He lives in north London. " I believe this may be talking about another Five Leaves author... but I know so little about my family history on one side, it could very well be true. I am also notoriously bad at geography so what I believe is Dundee could well be North London.

3) I need to double check what I am typing when I give people dates. This means I owe someone several beers for all the confusion (and for giving times in that 24 hour format).

4) I am horrendously behind with updates on Crime Scene Scotland and have one interview that is long overdue to complete. I owe the author in question a lot of beers at Bouchercon. Does this make me an enabler that I owe so many people beers?

5) I quite enjoy typing lists.

6) Some people in this world live to torture me. They know who they are.

I shall do a proper update soon.

Au revoir



Stuart MacBride said...

Just for the record, I don't live to torture you.

But I do really, really enjoy it.

Russel said...

And most talented you are at it, too, Mr Stuart.

angie said...

Persecution complex?

Russel said...

They told you to ask that, didn't they?