Monday, June 30, 2008

"...your heart will be torn at with sharp cat's claws..."

Mes Amis

I didn't think it was out for ages yet, but according to the cunning-as-a-fox author/reviewer/all round nice guy Steven Torres, Davey's Daughter and the september issue of AHMM are unleashed on the world.

Check out what Steven has to say on the matter at the ever excellent Nasty, Brutish Short. And trust me, I don't pay this guy anything. He's just a man of exquisite taste. And did I mention his novel, The Concrete Maze is an absolute stonker? I didn't? Check out what I wrote in the Crime Scene Scotland review when it was first released.

In other news, can I say pop on over to Angie Johnson Schmit's In For Questioning where he brilliant Bloody Scots month continues after my inaugural interview with interrogations of the disturbing Stuart MacBride, the lovely Donna Moore and the cynical-while-he's-smiling Ray Banks.

And yes, I have been missing in action for a while. Sorry to say... I'm back and better than ever!

Au revoir



Steven T. said...

"Stonker"? Geez, I hope that's not what I thought it was when first I read the word...

Russel said...

Same as being a blinder, Steve...

Trust me I was being positive.