Friday, July 04, 2008

"...exceptional talent..."

Mes Amis

Terrifyingly, that is me being talked about up by there. Which makes me deeply honoured that yet another blurb has been added to my small pile.

So far, we've had the silver haired Irish devil, Ken Bruen
The non-slipper wearing, anrgy young man Ray Banks*
And now Kevin Costner's ideas man** and all round genius John Connolly quothing thusly:

"THE GOOD SON is the most exciting, and gripping, Scottish crime fiction debut of recent years. Stylish and atmospheric, it marks the arrival of an exceptional talent."

People are being so very nice about the book. I am fair fainting from all of this.

Anyway, to balance things up, whatever I post about next, I shall try not to make egotistical.

au revoir


*Whose website may actually be back up again someday soon - hint, hint.
**The Costner is starring in an adaptation of Sr Connolly's atmospheric and terrifying shorts.***
EDIT NEW FOOTNOTE: ***Having just re-read that last footnote, I don't mean to imply that Connolly wears atmospheric and terrifying shorts and that somehow Costner has climbed inside them. Rather, I mean Costner is starring a film adaptation of one of Connolly's rather brilliant short stories.


angie said...

Man, oh man. The slipper-clad, Highland twee-hater has got it goin' on. Go, Russel, go!

Russel said...

I'm never going to live this slipper thing down am I?

pattinase (abbott) said...

Congratulations. You're allowed to bask in the glow a bit.

Russel said...

I have basked.

And it felt good.

Seriously, I'm honoured that guys as good as this are liking the book. All three of them are authors who I, as a reader, have become addicted to over the last few years...

angie said...

Nope. Yer stuck with the slippers. Still, better than the puking on people at con's guy, right? Come to think of it, that involved footwear, too. I'm sensing a trend, a borderline fetish, perhaps.

Mikey P said...

Hmm, footwear & vomit... where have I seen that before...?
Oh yeah... football practice, many many years ago... :)
Anyway, back to coding I go... or I might suffer the wrather of the Badger of Bookworld!

Russel said...


My secret's are out. Darn you for seeing through me...


Ahhhh... yes... the only other person I know to have vomitted on someone's shoes (namely mine). I wonder if those upon whose shoes I vomited have passed it on.

And you will receieve my wrath if thou dost not indeed code faster.

Faster, I say!

(oh, and Bookworld is no more.... I am the Badger of Waterstones now...)