Saturday, June 14, 2008

"...what had I been expecting? A hug? Tears of joy?"

Mes Amis

iThe ever-fantastic Sandra Ruttan, editor of Spinetingler magazine and general all round genius, has posted the latest issue of her unnerving and often excellent zine for the perusal of the public. This time around, as its getting hot for the summer, she's asked her authors to flash.

Yes, its real short-shorts* time as she get authors including Allan Guthrie, Tony Black, Patti Abbot and Steve Mosby to show us their stuff in a selection of down and dirty stories. The rule was, everything had to be under a certain word count. And I only just hit it with my own contribution, Her Cheating Heart. And, yes, its a Sam Bryson one, as well.

Off to enjoy the last of evening sun...

Au revoir


*And no, the answer to "who wears short shorts" is definitely not me. As I told Angie during the IFQ interview, I only ever reveal my legs when wearing a kilt.


Sandra Ruttan said...

LOL Russel. Thanks for the new blurb ; "Genius." ;)

angie said...

Thank god you keep those legs hidden - there'd be riots in Dundee if you ran around flashing 'em to just anyone!

Anonymous said...

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