Monday, June 09, 2008

The Waiting Game

Mes Amis

Hopefully have a few fun things to share soon, folks. Not another book deal, but some equally cool stuff including things to do with THE GOOD SON and, well, a project that started as idle chatter and is now moving apace. A very egotistical project, I will add.

Other than that, things are vewy, vewy quiet on the ol' writing front... although let me say its a bloody delight to see Edward Bunker back in print. And yes, there are people I should have got back to recently and haven't. I feel bad, but have been up to my eyeballs in madness.

Au revoir



Sandra Ruttan said...

Madness would be being up to your neck in other people's eyeballs. ;)

Russel said...

Actually that's very close to the truth...

angie said...


Ray said...

"... although let me say its a bloody delight to see Edward Bunker back in print."

Isn't it just? Makes you believe again, doesn't it? I'm tempted to buy 'em all again.

Russel said...


Yes. Yes I am.


I'd only read Dog Eat Dog and Animal Factory up to now. Stark was fascinating in its way, although you could see he wasn't fully formed. And No Beast So Fierce, I just finished... man... what a book. Absolute killer. Looks like there's a previously unreleased coming our way in 2009, as well according to the blurb inside the new editions. If I was near the book I'd tell ya more. But I'm not, although I do remember they're talking it up as his "final" novel.