Friday, October 06, 2006

A name to strike fear into the hearts of men

Mes Amis

During my time in Milwaukee the fantastic Jon Jordan took me to one of the biggest and best second hand stores it has been my fortune to stumble around in.

While there, I found what has to be one of the misguided looking superhero concepts of all time:

The Ferret

The fact that this seems to have been done in near seriousness (okay, a little tongue in cheeck, but not much) possibly explains why I have never before been aware of his antics.

I was so impressed, I just had to pick up a copy. And let me tell you, its bloody awful, but worth its weight in "Dear God, they really did it!" value.

Au revoir



Jennifer Jordan said...



How is it that he is... The Ferret?

Russel said...

Apparently, young Cal Denton gained superpowers at the age of eighteen and believed it was merely a freak occurence until he later found it was due to some Government agency pissing about. He seems to have strength, long nails and, since he's a ferret, excellent sniffing abilities.

And a bad temper. Because ferrets have bad tempers, too.

He is also, apparently, a rock star.

I wonder why this was cancelled after eleven issues...

Gary Smith said...

Excellent sniffing abilities?

Surely you jest?

Russel said...

"When you were still forty feet away, I could smell your unique body odour... you smell nice by the way... At thirty feet I could taste your perfume on the air... Tabu blended with just a trace of obsession, isn't it?... and thise amounts of pheremones your emit - the ones that make you so alluring to men - were nearly strong enough to knock me off the roof"... thus says The Fereret to some babe called Witch in Ferret #3, page 14. I jest ye not, Mr Smith.

Kat Richardson said...

Damn... all my ferrets ever say is "grunkle!" and look impatiently at the bananas. And I've never seen them wear spandex or play the guitar--not even air guitar, the lazy stinkers.