Thursday, October 05, 2006


Mes Amis

After a small panic, Russel has decided to organise his life. He is currently devising systems to deal with everything and arranging three hundred and one direct debits to pay bills etc.

As life goes on, systems must become more elaborate to cope with more and more responsibility. This is something that Russel has not realised until now.

He has therefore two choices: adapt. Or find a wife who is extremely organised. He would prefer the second, but for the first will have to do.

You can probably tell that Russel is tired and stressed as he is now referring to himself in the third person.

On a happier note: Bryon and Dave at Demolition are ace. Russel will tell you why in a few months when it shall be more timely. But meanwhile he maintains that Dave smells of wee which is why he did not turn up for dinner at the restaurant he chose in Madison (damn, Dave, you missed some big-ass steaks!)

Au revoir



Mary said... There is no better place to begin.

anne frasier said...

nice meeting you, russel! if you don't remember me, we commiserated over our crappy showers. :D

John R. said...

I do like an ass steak. The bigger the better.

Russel said...

Mary: thankyou. The crisis itself has now been averted but I should really keep up this organising streak.

Anne, of course I remember you! I do hope the Edgewater did something about that: they screwed me over with the showers.

Which sounds a very unpleasant experience now that I write it down!

And John... must... resist... obvious... jokes...

Sandra Ruttan said...

Bryon might make a good wife, but is he crazy enough? I mean to be a wife, not to marry you. ;)