Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wholesome Family Fun

Mes Amis

Mr Stuart MacBride may have got all the attention for his debut, Cold Granite, but there's another series character about what he's written who is far more interesting than ol' Logan McRae - yes, SKELETON BOB IS BACK, BABY!

In Skeleton Bob and the Witches Hat you can expect thrills, chills, electrical appliances and pointy apparel abound. Yes, Bob may be recovering from his run in with the local bully but nothing can prepare him for this new, exciting adventure.

Skeleton Bob, I want a pink woollen suit, just like you!

Au revoir



Russel said...

This is a comment designed to test for a problem. Its pointless otherwise.


that girl said...

heres another one.

Russel said...

Testing testing bob two three

Stuart MacBride said...

Sorry dude, can't see any of the three test comments. You should totally try posting them again.

(and thanks for the plug!)