Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Why oh why?

Mes Amis

Blogger's gone mental. Its started randomly not sending me notification of new comments and then those few that do arrive get to my junk folder. Grrr... stupid blogger... and after I sorted out all my problems with the links to the side, too (It decided not to show a lot of them just for fun).

Anything else? Oh, yeah, Life On Mars is good. Watch Life on Mars. It should be stupid (DCI from 2006 suddenly finds he's actually a DI in 1973, but is it all in his head?) but its actually brilliantly done. The BBC is beginning to get its act back together. That's three series I actually enjoyed this past year (Doctor Who, this and Waking The Dead).

Au revoir


1 comment:

Jennifer Jordan said...

Blogger is a total steaming turd.

But man, those templates are made to be messed with!

I'm so sleepy...