Monday, January 09, 2006

Russel Gets Fucked...

Mes Amis

No, you read the header right. I've been fucked. Well and truly.

But that's okay. I'm in good company, getting fucked alongside Ken Bruen, Mark Billingham, Ray "The Creator of Tits McGee" Banks, The Mighty Rickards, Sarah Weinman and many others.

Jennifer Jordan's sure-to-be-epic Fuck Noir is shaping up to be one hell of a read. For those not in the know, she's been assemling an anthology. What kind of anthology? I hear you ask. Well, let's leave that to the woman herself: If you like your fiction dead of night dark with a dash of vicious, this is the anthology for you.

This isn't the anthology you want your mother reading. Unless your mother has a dark and twisted side to her personality. The clue is in the title. You don't call an anthology "Fuck Noir" and then ask contributors to give you cat-mysteries*.

So visit the website which will be continuously updated with new information and already contains the history of "fuck", the story of the anthology and also variations on "fuck". Not only that but its gonna give the whens, hows and why's of why we're all getting fucked (in the best possible way) in 2006. This anthology is one not to be missed.

Au revoir


*Well, I suppose you could. I mean outside of the kind of cosy cat mysteries currently populating the genre, cats can be mean and vicious, self-serving bastards; the ultimate subject for any noir story.


Stuart MacBride said...

That sounds well cool. Though calling it 'Poke Noir', or 'Mummy and Daddy's Special Cuddle Noir' might have been more polite.

Jennifer Jordan said...

At B'Con I was even thinking about an anthology called "Dude Noir."

Can you see it? All these ganja toking surfer dudes trying to solve a crime?

"Dude, like, that guy is soooo dead!"

"Yeah, dude. Like, his head is all smashed in and stuff."

"So, like, do you kinda wonder who did it?"

"I totally wanna know who commited this heinous crime, dude!"\

"Let's do it, man! Let's do it for this dead dude!"

Russel said...

"Poke Noir"... tee hee... That sounds ruder than Fuck Noir to me for some reason.

And Dude Noir, that could be cool. Except for the horrendous possibility that it might invoke "Dude, Where's My Car?" flashbacks...