Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Crime Scene Scotland Christmas Hamper 2005

Mes Amis

The new Christmas issue is now up and online. Go and check it out. There are a few things yet to come including a review of Mat Coward's Over and Under, the postbag and the Quick Hits which are still being coded. And we're awaiting some more replies for this issue's author interview but otherwise we have

Loads of fiction including Ed Lynskey and Stephen D Rogers

The CSS poll. Everyone else has a fuckin' end of year poll so we thought we'd see what happens when we gave it a try.

James Clar giving us insight into Ian Rankin

And a new editorial featuring both Russel and Doug.

Go on, go have a read and come back after Christmas for more updates!

Oh and while we're here, we missed a Santa story last post: CSS contributor and fine, fine writer Frank Zafiro has a story up at Mysterical E - Be My Santa Baby. But you gotta know that if Frank's a CSS writer this story's gonna be anything but jolly...

Coming up on this blog: Russel's end of year lists and all the usual mayhem. But in the meantime

Au revoir



Aldo said...

Finally.....Thanks guys. I enjoyed waking up to the new issue this morning. Great banter between the 2 of youse....

Stuart MacBride said...

Bout bleedin' time! Slackers! Slackers all of you!!!

Good issue though. Especially the editorial.

Russel said...

Slackers? Slackers????!!!


It was fun writing the editorial, though: its actually pretty close to the conversation we really had when compiling this one!

Maybe the next one will be on time...