Thursday, December 15, 2005

Deck the halls with Buddy Holly...

Mes Amis

Its my least favourite time of the year... so for those looking for an alternative to the usual sugary sweet Christmas narratives do yourself a favour and check out these folks who have been kind enough to give us free stories for the xmas season - with a nicely twisted attitude, of course (warning, some stories may contain scenes of horror with normally loveable fat men in red...)

John Rickards

Stuart MacBride

Bryon Quertermous

Thanks fellas - ahhhh, now I'm in the holiday mood...

Bah humbug to all!

Au revoir

Scrooge McLean


Sarah said...

No, no, no -- it's "Deck us all with Boston Charlie"!

Vincent said...

Is it just me that's having the sensation of deja vu here?

Jennifer Jordan said...

It's the post so nice,
He put it up twice.

Russel likes to share,
His literary fare.

So what did he do?
He put up two!