Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas greetings from Russel and Komrade Kristmas Tree

Mes Amis

Its a pity I don't have a photo, but as That Girl has pointed out on many occasions, my Christmas tree has a slightly communist theme what with that baubles decorated by red stars. They belonged to my Grandmother, goshdarnit! Anyhow, its a lovely little tree for my lovely little flat and if I had a digital camera I'd show you a picture.

Nevertheless I am currently back with my family for Christmas. Looking forward to Christmas for a little day of rest and relaxation with the folks (and recording the Dr Who special so it doesn't interrupt the day - but the non christmassy part of me is very excited for that!).

So best wishes to all for this whole event! May you all have a wonderful time and may 2006 bring you all that you desire. Except *that*, Mr MacBride... I know what you're thinking and nobody in their right mind would want *that*... Its just unnatural...

And as a gift to Mr White this post is footnote free.

So a merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate at this time of year) to all!

See you all for the end of year These Aye Mean Streets list-type special. Not that it'll hold many surprises, but hey, you never know...

Au revoir



Mikey P said...

Have a good Christmas and a great New Year!

Stuart MacBride said...

Are you going to list your favourite underpants and cream cheese combinations?

Sandra Ruttan said...

Man, were you ever right about what Stuart wanting being unnatural. Judging not from experience but strictly by his post. And live feed from the nanny cam I rigged up in Grendel's collar.

Have holidays Russel.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Uh, that was meant to be 'Have a good holiday.' Time to lay off the Christmas spirits, methinks.

Russel said...

Stuart, you're possibly half right (but which half?)

And Sandra

You're really right. Stuart is a very disturbed individual - but its coming from Aberdeen what does it.

And I enjoyed my lovely Christmas day! Hope you had a good one (and a good rest of the holidays to) too!


Sandra Ruttan said...

Too bad he doesn't live in one of the nice places in Scotland. Like Edinburgh or Glasgow. I haven't seen much of Glasgow, but my head hit many a bar table in Edinburgh. And I know a reporter from Glasgow, one who worked the Bible John case as it unfolded. That city certainly doesn't sound dull! I love Scotland.

I got four books for Christmas, all mysteries or thrillers. so what more could I want? An agent and a publisher, but I don't want to sound greedy.

Hope you have an awesome New Year!

Russel said...


Edinburgh and Glasgow are great. Of course, Dundee's rather fabby, too, despite its reputation as being rather shoddy (its the up and coming city, I tells ya!). There's a book just released about real life murders in Dundee from BW publising called The Law Murders. Its been selling from our shop like the proverbial hotcakes this Christmas. Of course nothing quite as infamous as Bible John (its a pretty fascinating case from the little I know) but all the same some right scary stuff has happened here.

I got a few books for Christmas this year but no one's sure what I already have so people were rather reticient on the literature front this year. Lots of good music, though, and some fine movies. Although someone did give me a copy of "The Silly Side of Sherlock Holmes" which was rathere amusing, taking the old Holmes images and adding new narrative in a rather irreverent manner.

But I have had a wealth of mysteries this year to review so its a slight relief to not have to add anything to the TBR pile (I'm already starting out on 2006 releases).

Hope you get your Christmas wish before the year is out. Its not greedy; we all want that! I asked my agent for a publisher but she told me I had to prove I was a good little writer who did his editing first.

Oh and Mike, while I'm here: hope you had a good one and a good new year, too!

Sandra Ruttan said...

The book sounds great (The Law Murders).

Well, I hope you get the publishing deal! And, like you, I'm scheduled to move on to 2006 releases. A copy of A Field of Darkness is already en route...