Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tell me where to find em and I'm there

Mes Amis

Alan Bennet gave a bit of a speech the other day about how we need to support independent booksellers which is great, fantastic, wonderful and applaudable.

Except its all empty words, I fear.

Because he's already a little late. As I've said earlier, if you're not in the big cities of London, Glasgow or Edinburgh, then where are the independent bookshops? I can think of two or maybe three (all in England) and the rest are second hand bookstores (who also deserve our support). I would dearly support my independent bookstore if one existed here or even in Perth or Cupar (Bell Book and Candle, the most wonderful wee bookshop I ever knew has apparently closed). But the rot set in long before now. We need to turn this around, but Mr Bennet, if we're going to support our local booksellers, we need a local bookseller to support.

Au revoir



Gary Smith said...

Hate to contradict your rant but there has been an independent bookshop in Cupar for about 9 years now - Courtyard books. The owner is really helpful and always willing to order obscure books for you.

Russel said...

Well I'm glad to be proved wrong - the only one I knew in Cupar was Bell Book and Candle and someone told me that closed down a while back.

So colour me happy.

How come you rate one and Dundee doesn't, though? :-)

Gary Smith said...

The fact that you didn't know just highights the problems that face independent bookstores. They are not in as prominent locations due to the cost of rent and don't have as big a budget to spend on advertising. The result being that a lot of them sadly fade away.

And yes, the Bell Book and Candle was a fantastic shop, shame it closed.

I have no idea why there is an independent in Cupar and not in Dundee. Perhaps we are more cultured? :)