Thursday, October 13, 2005

Scotland's Booktown

Mes Amis
Mes Amis

Well, Mr Smith (In his dark suit and sunglasses) just beat me to the punch in the comments when I was about to say that the problem is also that people just don't know if there is a local bookshop (and if I don't know about a bookshop locally I consider that a sad fact).

I have just done an internet search for Scottish bookshops. A good percentage are second hand/antiquitarian and most of the independents are centred round Edinburgh and Glasgow except:

Wigtown: Scotland's national Booktown

Which I never knew of before (never even heard the name!).

I feel a bookish road trip is called for.

Au revoir



that girl said...

maybe we could combine it in our oft proposed coffee tour of scotland?

John R. said...

There's a festival there every year (I think). The Crim Minds bunch got an invite there last year, but their conditions were... a bit weird. And it's in the arse end of nowhere.

Russel said...

I've certainly never heard of it, which means that even though I'm woefully ignorant of my homeland it probably is in the arse end of nowhere.

And looking round the website I'm somehow not surprised that the conditions were a bit... weird... But at least they have bookshops...

And, Becs, I had forgotten the grand coffee tour. Mmmmmm... coffee...

Gary Smith said...

Yes, it is a bit out of the way. Dundee University Library have been promoting it quite heavily for the last 3-4 years with leaflets and posters - I've always meant to get round to visiting it.