Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I don't wanna stalk about it...

Mes Amis

Whenever I want to know about a movie, whether its worth watching or not, there's only one place on the net to go: MaryAnn Johansen's flickfilosopher site.

Ms Johnansen not only has generally wonderful taste (excepting perhaps, her strangely high enthusiasm for Revenge of the Syph, which was still a balanced review admitting the film had its faults although seeming unwilling to admit that those faults negated everything good about the movie) but she's also a very funny lady and I couldn't resist sharing this list of celebrity's who are not worth stalking.

Rejected:Vin Diesel
Reason:Dazzling reflection off shiny forehead prevents direct observation

Well that, and as we all should know by now, Vin Diesel would probably kick your ass if you stalked him (at least if we believe the man with all the facts, Mr Banks)

Au revoir



Mary said...

Thanks for the link to flicksopher. Anyone who likes Firefly and Serenity that much is okay in my book.

Russel said...

Flickfilosopher is pretty good - while I don't always agree with her she's pretty much in tune with a good percentage of my tastes and she's a literate reviewer. Back in the day I used to swear by Ain't It Cool, but Miss Johannsen provides reviews for mature geeks who, you know, are still able to function in normal society.

And everyone's telling me to go see Serenity. I never caught Firefly but I have to admit it looks very cool indeed. And its been ages since we've had a proper, decent slice of Space Opera up on our screens (The last Star Trek was abysmally bad and Revenge of the Syph... I don't even wanna go there...)