Thursday, October 06, 2005

Heeeeere's Russel

Mes Amis

I'm back. Its been an eventful week or so. Lots and lots of working on writing. A few deadlines caught up with. Now I have to catch up on the CSS backlog as some people have been getting upset about the times they've been waiting for replies. Like I tell them, CSS is very part time and with the amount of submissions we get these days we really have fallen behind!

Anyway, last night was the Allan Guthrie launch party in Edinburgh! While Al refused to play the piano (There was one all set up) he did give a wonderful speech. I arrived midway through having got lost in Edinburgh, but it seemed to have gone down very well. If you haven't read Al's work yet (The fanastic Two Way Split and the really, really, spiffingly good Kiss Her Goodbye) you should do so right now. He is one of the hardest working and best Scottish writers working today. Not only that but he runs the amazing noir originals and he's an agent, now, too. The man never sleeps, I tells ya.

Also, whether you find this funny or not is a matter of taste but its a guided tour of the uglier side of the city where I live which runs a fine line between offence to the city and a kind of very funny but ugly truth (the Earthquake stuff is killer and the diet of local Dundonians is pretty much spot on).

Congrats are due to the wonderful Sarah Weinman who is only celebrating two years of her wonderful blog but is also due to join the stable of AHMM authors such as, well, me.

Speaking of AHMM, my short story "REGRETS" is available in the december AHMM. Go out and buy a copy now.

And Charlie, say it ain't so - you can't quit blogging... although I have noticed you couldn't resist a couple more posts including one about The Hoff.

Anyway, mes amis, I might be back to a regular blogging schedule soon (I don't know if that's a good thing).

Au revoir


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