Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Talk Among Yourselves

Mes Amis

Shhhh... I'm writing. Like a beast.

All email shall be caught up on. All correspondences shall be replied to. All editing shall be done. All noiresque rebuttals shall be made.

But not right now.

Unless someone can offer me a surefire way to clone myself.

Au revoir



Stuart MacBride said...

I think one of you is quite enough for the world to suffer, don't you?


John R. said...

Writing "like a beast"?

You mean hunched over in a gloomy corner, making horrible snuffling and chomping noises as you let your faeces fall where they may? Occasionally puncing out to maul a nearby postman before returning to your fetid lair?



Russel said...

Jumpin out of hiding for a moment to say...


Do you have a spy camera here or something? That's scarily accurate.

John R. said...

No, no cameras. I just imagine you. Late at night. Watching you... do things.

I'm doing it right now.

that girl said...

my god russ, does that guy live upstairs and spy throught the ceiling??
"Fetid Lair" is the most accurate description of your flat I've ever heard.
I thought you were catching up with correspondance? or is it just the important people now?