Sunday, October 09, 2005

Back on Track

Mes Amis

After delays and crying and screaming and shouting (I live on my own, so the neighbours must be rather worried to hear all that), the first readable draft of THE GOOD SON is on its way to the test readers. Yes, at long last I think some of the story makes sense and I'm fairly happy with some of the dialogue, too.

This also means I can take some CDs off the player for a while. Like everyone else I like to listen to music while I work. One of the ways I work with this is by finding albums that work to the mood of a piece. In this case, the playlist read like this:

NICK CAVE: The Good Son, Nocturama
ALABAMA 3: La Peste, Outlaw
TAJ MAHAL: The Best of
PULP: Countdown, We Love Life
LONGPIGS: The Sun is Always Out

Of course, I shall not dancing on the ceiling yet but the hope is that the test readers will come back with a "readable and entertaining" verdict so that I can move on to sending a polished version out to Smiley Emma and Amazing Jane for approval. And maybe this time, this really will be *the one that will sell* (he says, optimistically)

Au Revoir


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