Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Big Fella, he don't like no writers...

Mes Amis...

I have set myself a challenge - to (once I have signed off here) finally get through this draft of what has now been called THE GOOD SON (previously DOUBLE VISION, previously *the one that will sell*). Now it doesn't sound like much of a challenge but recently it has been. My original schedule was to have finished two weeks ago.

What got in the way?

Not laziness. But other deadlines (Which I have not caught up on), unexpected friends calling round (always nice, but I should have a sign that says: "No, I'm not at work but I am working"), unexpected calls into work on odd days ("I know its your day off but everyone in the world bar you has the lurgy...") and even stupid things like spending hours searching for my keys (only to find them on the windowsill after I came to the conclusion that I must have left them in the door and some bugger had nicked off with them). All of this has meant that not only have I fallen behind with the novel but I have missed hours of telly, too (I have hours of 4400 and Dead Zone - which allegedly stars Mr Swiercnzynski (Please tell me I spelled it right) in his younger days acting under the name Anthony Michael Hall - to catch up on along with almost all the second half of this season's superlative DeadWood which I *still* haven't had time to catch up on).

But tonight is the night. Tonight I shall get through the angry scribbles to the very end, having added several thousand words and cleared up more than a few really shite sentences. And then, after the *secret circle* have seen it, it shall hopefully need but one more polish before its off in the post to Smiley Emma and Amazing Jane. And hopefully from there on it shall be plain sailing.

God, I defy the lengths to which you have gone to dent my efforts!

Au revoir


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