Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Get Back To Work, Ya Slacker

Mes Amis

I have been working hard all day on edits, rewrites, ransom notes, all kinds of fun stuff, so I figure I can take a moment here to post some crap. Mostly pictures. Including: me, as a Lego fellow (the food and coffee motif is actually very close to reality). With thanks to Rickards for the groovy, timewasting link.

And, then, there's a photo wonderful Beccy sent to me of a Russel ravaged by the Rickards flu, showing off the other disease he came back home with. Who knew you could ever describe the Ebola virus as "sweet". But then put anything next to me and you'll be thinking its sweet in comparison.

Anyway, back to the hard work. And maybe when all that's done I can return to real posts and maybe even answer the noir series challenges set by the two masters, Ray and Al. After all I can't put something like that out there and then not respond to such eloquent responses. And possibly answer Stuart's burning question as to whether he's noir or not. But for just now all energy must be directed to real writing.

Au revoir



Sarah said...

How is it that even with facial hair you still look twelve years old??

Although the lego version of you is kind of rabbinic. Bizarre...

Vincent said...

Could it be that the facial hair is stuck on and he is twelve years old? No doubt the result of an ingenious ploy to drink under-age in Dundee's various alcohol imbibing establishments (though at least the picture of you holding a poo I could recognise from Harrogate, unlike the black and white silhouette in the 'about me' section).

Gabriele C. said...

Lol, that lego thing is fun. I filched it for my blog.

Procrastinating again? Of course. I have a degree in Procrastination.

Jennifer Jordan said...

Vincent, that is no poo! That is an ebola virus! I know because I gave it to him. A better recipient of a fuzzy virus you will never meet.

Vincent said...

Ah, I see. I thought the ebola virus was in the little sachet and everyone was being too polite to mention the poo, but now I look closely I can see it clearly is an ebola virus. That looks like a poo.

While I don't doubt that Russel is highly deserving of an ebola virus, I feel it's probably best if I don't ask why.