Sunday, September 19, 2010

Panels, Parker and PI's...

Mes Amis

Need I remind you that the These Aye Mean Streets US tour kicks off in a couple of weeks? I needn't? Well, in case you're keeping count, you might be interested to know that an extra date has been added on October 9th at 3pm, where I'll be at The Mystery Bookstore in LA. So if you find yourself in the area, come along and say hello. Don't know the store? For shame on you! Go here and see what you've been missing.

And of course, I can now reveal that I have been granted moderating duties at this year's Bouchercon. Yes, the morning after the Shamus announcement, I'll be keeping order among:

Mark Coggins
Joseph Finder
Lee Goldberg
Dick Lochte

as we discuss the legacy of Robert B Parker who is, of course, most famous for his fictional PI Spenser. So come along and delight in our lunatic theories, our fannish enthusiasm and our general bonhomie (chilled red wine, a-la Spenser's preference, may not neccesarily be included) at 11:30 on Saturday 16th October at the world's grandest mystery convention, taking place this year in San Fransisco.

So, mes amis, I'll see you there.

Au revoir


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