Sunday, January 17, 2010

Its Competition (and ego massage) time!

Mes Amis

Yes, its been quiet round here but I've been working hard in the real world. A visit from the Christmas Distractions Goblin and the New Years Exhaustion Fairy has ensured that I am playing catch up into the new year on many things and hence have gone into stealth mode. But I have been quietly updating over at Do Some Damage and will hopefully be taking part in the new Podcast fun that the guys have been indulging in over there.

I have also been recuperating from last year which was exhausting on many levels, not least of which was this writing lark kicking up more than a couple of gears.

Of course, there has also been the US release of The Good Son. Which has been a dream come true for me; coming up on US crime as I did, getting to try and make a dent over there has been a joy and my first US editor was a joy to work with. I say was because he has (clap clap clap) recently moved onto bigger things at another publishers, but both he and the wonderful chaps and chappesses at St Martin's have made my first US publishing experience a joy.

Anyway, speaking of said publication, I thought I'd hold a wee competition for my three readers of this 'ere blog. Nothing too strenuous. The answer can be found (hint hint hint) somewhere on this very blog - - and (hint hint) you may not even have to dig into the history to find what you're looking for (ooo, look at all those categories in the right hand column, don't they mention many interesting things.)

I have two lovely prizes up for grabs. First prize is a signed copy of both THE GOOD SON (Hardback US edition) and a copy of THE LOST SISTER (paperback UK edition) signed by myself to you, you lovely, lovely person.

Second prize nets ya a copy of the hardback only, but it is signed by my good self, you lucky, lucky person. This comp is open to anyone. Anywhere and will close in one week's time.

All I ask is that you answer this question (and in the style of all those lovely Morning Magazine programmes here in the UK, I'll even make it multiple choice):

Before writing about PI J McNee, I wrote a series of short stories featuring another Scots private eye. Many of these stories appeared in Alfred Hitchcok's Mystery Magazine. What was the name of the private eye in these short stories?
a) Sam Spade
b) Sam Bryson
c) Sam Fox

Pop your answers by email to clearly marked AYE MEAN STREETS COMPETITION in the subject field and we'll announce winners at some point after wednesday 27 January 2010.

Winners, by the way, will be drawn at random from all the correct answers.

Now if you're asking why you'd want to win these books, well, The Good Son has been gathering some really nice reviews including from the good people at Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, who say, in part:

"McLean has created an intensely complex, credible central character and surrounds him with a skillfully drawn supporting cast. Readers will look forward to a reprise of J. McNee"

The beautiful people at Nights and Weekends who were far, far too kind when they said:

"The Good Son delivers a two-fold punch with its intense plot and poignant depth." (check out the rest of the review here)

And Canada's finest, The Globe and Mail, who call the book:

Clever, tough, witty... a great character study with a wonderful plot and plenty of atmosphere"
(and there's some more great reviews as well as the rest of that one, here)

Those lovely folks at Crimespree magazine weight in again (the lovely Jen Jordan, fiction editor extraordinaire over that way previously said very nice things on the UK release of the novel) on the US release with this beautiful sentiment:

"the future of crime fiction is in a good hands."

And then there's Gumshoe, who say:

"A highly reccomended crime thriller... [I] hope that we haven't seen the last of haunted PI McNee."

What is especially interesting about the gumshoe review is the reviewer's wish list for how he'd like to see the character develop that comes at the end. I'll say this now, that I promise nothing and really I hope I can surprise a few readers in possible future novels...

And for those of you wondering why you'd also want a copy of The Lost Sister, check out recent reviews from the amazing and incredible folks at Crime Squad:

"this excellent second novel proves that [McLean] is no flash in the pan."

And those beautiful and terribly smart people at Euro Crime:

"..gripping and intense... [McNee is a] refreshing change from the usual mainstream crime fiction hero."

Euro Crime

Now, if all of that isn't enough to swell me head to unnatural proportions, I don't know what is...

Until next time mes amis,



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