Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Now is the Winter... and well, he seems quite contented actually...*

Mes Amis

Quiet round here, I know, as I do various terrible things for various terrible people, but poking my head up to let you know that the wonderful Jim Winter at January Magazine has weighed in on the upcoming (Dec 8th!) release of THE GOOD SON in the US by St Martin's Press and he has the following to say:

Not as violent or coarse as fellow authors Ken Bruen and Ray Banks, McLean nonetheless skillfully mines the same ground for a bleak and desperate literary landscape.

Oh, yes. I like that. Bleak and desolate is good, although my mum might disagree about the coarseness...

But the jewel in the crown is coming:

Whatever comes next promises to be ever bit as hopeless and violent as The Good Son. And that’s a good thing. McLean has scored in his first novel.

Oh, yes. You want to check everything Jim has to say? Clickety-click my friends.

Whaddaya mean you want more?

Oh, okay, howsabout this interview that I apparently totally failed to link to before that concerns the UK release of THE LOST SISTER?

And then check out 7 quick questions from a man named Weeb** over at Writing Raw.

Has that sated your appetite? I certainly hope so. But have no fear, mes amis, I'll be back soon.

And yes, I don't know if that's a threat or a promise either.

Au revoir


*With big ol' apologies to Bill Shakespeare. Mind you this isn't half as good as the perhaps apocryphal Ad campaign run by an outdoors shop in Edinburgh many years ago that allegedly displayed a sign outside proclaiming "Now is the discount of our winter tents".

**Which incidentally was the name of the rought draft of Johnny Cash's eventual hit that became "A Boy Named Sue".

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