Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The fat crime writer squeezes into The Skinny

Mes Amis

I do like my dinner, so I was as surprised as anyone when I was told I had been mentioned in a magazine called Skinny.

Aha, but mes amis, I soon realised they meant The Skinny and understood that the title is a reference to a zine that gives you the lowdown, the scoop, the inside track. This grand music/culture zine that covers most of Scotland had an excellent Bookish Christmas Gift Guide in its latest issue, and guess which not-that-skinny crime writer got a lovely mention for his second novel?

place of high violence and low morals on the part of both criminals and police officers. Who knew Dundee could be so interesting?

Oh, we'll let that gentle dig at the city fly for now and not only because they go on to call the book a ...

snappily written heart thumper

before going on to say that

This is only McLean’s second novel, and he’s a young writer. The older crime writers should be looking over their shoulders at him and taking note.

You lovely folks at The Skinny, These Aye Mean Streets salute you!

(check out the whole Book Christmas Gift Guide here)

Au revoir


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