Sunday, July 12, 2009

"f you see me, say hello..."

Mes Amis

Despite some... setbacks*... lately, I will be travelling down south to the land of England next week for the Harrogate Crime Festival. Not to appear on any panels. Just to hang around the bar** and soak up the atmosphere.

So if you see me, come and say hello. I don't bite. Despite what I'm sure some people will say in the comments.

And here's an added incentive:

I shall have several copies of THE GOOD SON, that fine debut novel what was released last year, in a bag. Now what use are they there, I hear you ask. Well, they're useful because if you come up and ask me, I shall - gratis, for free - give you one. No catch. Except its while stocks last. And there's a very small number of them because I travel light. If you like it, feel free to tell lots and lots of other people to buy copies.

And did I mention that in October, there's a sequel? Yes, THE LOST SISTER shall be released then, and frankly I'm very giddy about that prospect.

But that could all be down to the painkillers.

Au revoir


*Let's just say twisted back muscles, irritated staff at Ninewells hospital, ouchie-ouchie
**And again likely not drink because of the pain killers - - the universe seems to have been conpsiring against me the last couple of years


Jen Jordan said...

Oh, how I wish I could go and sit next to you with my head on your shoulder.

I remain in the sweltering, wasp laden heat of America.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

If you're taking painkillers, you have a Moral Obligation to drink. Yes, those words are capitalized because it's that important.

Hope your back feels better.

JamesO said...

It's OK Russell, I can drink for the both of us.

But remind me not to give you a hearty slap on the back when I see you...

Steven T. said...

Nice way that you put an "f you" in the title of the post...