Monday, June 29, 2009

Rants and reviews

Mes Amis

Watch me get righteous about writing (well, rant about my personal pet peeve which is those who talk about writing but never actually do it) when Sandra Ruttan asks me what advice I would give would be writers over at the new issue of Spinetingler. Sandra is a grand interviewer, and a lot of these questions gave me stuff to chew over. But trust me when I say I know next to nothing about how you get on in this business except for that one nugget that is so damn important, I think it bears repeating on this 'ere blog:


You can't do anything else without doing that.

While I'm here, I'll also shout out to a grand review that appeared on the Inpress site for THE GOOD SON from some fellow called David Brimage. Its reviews like that which make this gig worthwhile. Along with the lovely folks who came up to me after my recent lit fest appearance to mention how caught up they were in the book's narrative. Knowing you've got a couple of honest to God readers who've got the book is what makes it worthwhile. Because when we write, its not for our peers or to impress the professional reviewers so much as it is to impress the readers. They are the ones that matter in the end. They are the ones shelling out the bucks for a book, and we need to remember that its their experience that counts, that ensures repeat sales. Of course, I still love adoration from my writing peers (and betters!) and you beautiful professional reviewers.... Its all good, in fact.

Anyway, in other news I just turned twenty nine. Not that I'm complaining. But its very odd because in my heart of hearts, I still feel only about twenty one. I'm not ready to behave maturely quite yet.

Au revoir



pattinase (abbott) said...

Wait until you're 60 and feel like 21.

Kieran Shea said...

smart interview there, r. wise words.

Leona said...

Happy Belated Birthday oh bearded one.


Russel said...

Patti - - when I was 21 there were some days (usually after beer) that I felt 60...

Kieran - - trust me, smart words are an unusual occurence around me. But Sandra's a damn fine interviewer.

Leona - - thank you, m'dear! It was indeed happy; I had a day off!

Stuart MacBride said...

Oooh, you old bugger. The man in the threadbare bathrobe with a scythe over his shoulder will be along to see you shortly...