Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"a willingness to confront societal violence..."

Mes Amis

The wonderful Carol Anne Davis (author of some of the best true crime books going as well as excellent psycho-noir novels) has just reveied THE GOOD SON over at Tangled Web. Now, I can't work out how to link direct to the review, but dig around the reviews, you'll find it.

Or check this excerpt here:

With its appreciation of life’s small pleasures, combined with a willingness to confront societal violence, The Good Son reminded me of early Martyn Waites novels. Evocatively describing the Dundee landscape, it’s a highly readable piece of noir.

I love Martyn's early (and later!) novels - - so this is a big compliment to me. And its nice to know people are enjoying the book.

Au revoir


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Mikey said...

Read the book. Left a message on your voice-mail. Would write a review, but I'm no good at that sort of thing.
The book was bloody good though - nose-deep I was, when the bus driver politely informed me that we had reached the last stop and that I really ought to get off now... seeing as how everyone else had already done so and I was making him late...