Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Launch Date

Mes Amis

For those who couldn't be there, here are a few snaps (the photographer apologises for the blurriness; too much wine, apparently - - although yer actual author only got one half plastic-tumbler of the stuff) of the launch of THE GOOD SON at Waterstones in Dundee. Let me start by saying I expected only half the crowd that turned up, so thank you so much to everyone who
was there.

In picture number one, we can see Al Guthrie - award winning author, Agent supreme - giving his wondrous introduction - - and getting so worked up that his face turned into a strange, melty blur.

In Picture number two, we see that I managed to follow on from Guthrie's intro by standing up and shaking my hand in mid air so vigorously that I rearranged all the atoms in the room and created some new guests out of thin air.

After this, the crowds swamped yer actual author boy to tell him precisely what they thought of that all the naughty language that he used in his reading.

Yer true fact: someone asked me to write down swear words in lieu of an actual dedication.

In this picture, we see me being asked to score out all the swear words for delicate readers.

This took up much of the night and gave me writer's cramp.

Finally, we see the effect that signing so many books has on poor wee author boy. He just snaps and stays sitting like that in the shop until his next shift begins in the morning and once more he is transformed into bookseller lad.

Seriously, it was a great night and a tremendous success. My thanks to everyone who showed up, to Kerry Shearer for taking the photos and to Agent Al, Ross Bradshaw and Gordon Dow for helping get this launch off the ground. By all accounts it was a success and a fun time was had by all. Even author boy.

Au revoir


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pattinase (abbott) said...

Congratulations! Looks like a wonderful signing.