Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Its oh so nice to go travellin'...

Mes Amis

Finally, I am back on Scottish soil. And utterly exhuasted.

Highlights of the US visit, '08 include:

Meeting Generalissimo Stella (now a Laird) and Anne Marie - - two more incredible people you couldn't hope to meet.

Having Otto Penzler mistake me (somehow) for Loren D Estleman.

Being attacked by 1) a comic book thrown in my direction by Jon Jordan and 2) Duty Free cigarettes and a handbag falling from the overhead luggage compartments.

Seeing Pat Lambe get blasted on the best Whisky he ever tasted.

Discovering (with thanks to MacBride) the deep fried Pickles from Hooters.

Meeting my US editor face to face.

Speaking of my US publishers, they operate out of the Daily Bugle Building - - how cool is that?

Three brilliantly fun panels with sparkling and witty co-panellists.

Meeting Sean Chercover shortly after BIG CITY, BAD BLOOD won its award! This guy is a writer who deserves success.

Making the world's most expensive U-Turn on the way to pick up Angie "In For Questioning" Johnson-Schmit at the airport.

Walking Baltimore's Inner Harbour at night and seeing the famous Domino's Sugars sign.

Lowlights were few and far between and mostly included waving at people I'd love to have had longer conversations with.

Anyway, I'm far too tired to even make coherent sense so I shall say



Au revoir



Sandra Ruttan said...

Don't even talk to me about the u-turn or I may have to talk about your snoring...

Sandra Ruttan said...

And I can't believe the hairdo didn't make the list.

Sean Chercover said...

You drive?

For some reason, that scares the crap out of me.

Sean Chercover said...

Oh, and I love your Amos Walker series. Keep up the good work.

Russel said...

luckily for all concerned (or maybe not) I was not behind the wheel during the u-turn.

And many things did not make this list. I will do a more coherent post later.

For now, I am still completely whacked out by jetlag.

angie said...

Not that you need any help from jetlag to maintain your wackiness...

Great to meet the not-so-wee badger boy and thanks for providing me with hours of entertainment, Russel! But mostly I'm just thankful you didn't throw up on my shoes.

Jenfleur said...

Please,for the love of Odin, don't do a more coherent post. That scares me more than your driving.

Russel said...

When was the last time I threw up on anyone's shoes, huh? I did damn well this time.

And, Jen, whaddaya mean "for the love of Odin"? There are many things I could post here that would be far more teffirying.