Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The fly is dead, long live the fly!

Mes Amis

A week or so ago, you might remember* I had a small problem. With a fly.

A bastard fly.

A bastard fly buzzing around and landing on my eyeball whilst I was trying to work on a rather important project.

Well, it seems that someone has taken revenge on the fly community for me. Cheers to Brian Lindenmuth for informing me of the solidarity between crime and horror writers, towit:

"There's been a fly annoying the hell out of me at the computer for the past two days. Finally, he rested right on my keyboard, so I hit him with the swatter. Somehow, this only pushed it underneath the keys! Now, it's buzzing like crazy and one push will kill it. The funny thing is, it's right under the "Delete" and "End" keys."

That'll show 'im.

My own fly problems have diminished since then. Maybe the fly community took this as a warning. I certainly hope so. Those flies don't watch it, they'll have the whole genre writing community after them. Armed not just with swatters and spray, but keyboards, too.

Au revoir


*unless you've never been to the blog before in which case you might just want to go back into the archives here and catch up with the exploits of our hero.**
**Again, if you've never been the blog before, you'll want to know I do occasionally use footnotes.***
***And sometimes footnotes within footnotes.****
****But this is only to annoy a very talented PI writer called Dave White who hates footnotes but still comes to this blog on occasion anyway.*****
*****And if I suspect he might, I try to put in as many pointless footnotes as I can. If you want to know more about Dave, go here

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