Saturday, March 03, 2007

For all you music lovers out there...

Mes Amis

Its been a while, I know, but I aten't dead. Just... resting.

In the meanwhile, enjoy George Lucas's slightly bemused expression as he is serenaded by William Shatner and a chorus line of stormtroopers. My gift to you.

Au revoir



anne frasier said...

that was great.

Anonymous said...


It was my pleasure.

Actually, there are quite a few internet sites that review short works; ranging from the professional publications such as *Tangent Online* and *Locus Online*, to several hobbyists’ sites like my own. Unfortunately, all the ones I'm familiar with are devoted to SF and horror. There might be some that review mystery and detective stories, but I'm not familiar with them if there are.

My reviews are longer and more thorough than professional ones, because I have the luxury of reviewing what I want and when I want. My main purpose is to promote internet literature and garner more respect for it. Also, I think it makes writers feel good to know that someone cares enough to take the necessary time.

Actually, I personally have always preferred genre to literary pieces, ever since my *The Hardy Boys* days, a, er, "wee" spell ago now. However, in regard to detective stories, I have always preferred the softer, whodunit fare. I have read almost every mystery your late, great Dame Agatha ever wrote. Alas, my track record in guessing her murderers is downright dismal! What an apparently devious mind the lady did have!

I think you're very talented, and I am looking forward to reading other offerings of yours that you have most kindly linked to here.

My reviews are always honest, though selective. I just can't bring myself to write a really scathing review, which is why I rarely review the first story I read when I investigate a zine unfamiliar to me. I just keep reading until I find something at least decent, though I ultimately gave up at one zine.

I meant what I said regarding the quality of the writing at *The Thrilling Detective.* I could have written a positive review about every (of several) stories I read there, but yours stood out to me as the best of a bumper crop.

One suggestion I might offer you is to note that I gather “Like a Matter of Honour” is one of a series of stories featuring this protagonist. Such stories should be written as stand alone pieces, and some background and descriptive information concerning the recurring characters—especially the protagonist--should be included in each; especially if the author and character are not well known as yet.

Well, I don’t want to take up too much of your time and space here. I just thought your fans and you might be interested in reading my review of your work, as most writers, I think, enjoy feedback.

And rest assured, Russel, I most assuredly did "get a kick" out of it. I enjoyed it very much indeed!

Regarding my comments about your “uptown mind,” there is nothing whatsoever wrong or disparaging about writing genre works. However, I found your characterizations within the piece to be first-rate, and I think you have an excellent intuitive grasp of human nature; a talent common to all the great writers from the time of your immortal bard to the present.

If you have just ten minutes some time, please read my essay “Method Writing,” to further explain. (Click “On Writing.") I’m not a writer, just a reader; but a voracious one since childhood. I am, after all, your market, and without folks like me you’re nothing but a diarist! You have the talent to one day write thought-provoking and provocative novels. Best of luck to you.

Best regards,


P.S., in regard to referring to English literary figures as "your," please accept my apologies if you are a Scottish nationalist and dislike being lumped in as "British." I don’t meddle in other nation’s internal politics.