Wednesday, February 21, 2007

When Book Tribes go to war...

Mes Amis

It was described as a Myspace for book readers - I still don't know. I've only been online five minutes, but without more a push Book Tribes could fall into obscurity. I only found out about it through a small feature in Publisher's Weekly barely the size of a stamp.

Anyway, its a place to share passion about books. But it looks like there are no other noir readers up there. Not even anyone reading Charles Willeford.

Check it out, see what you think. Me, I think it could work. If it gets a good community going. And if you're seeking me out, well, you know your Charles Willeford well enough, I'm sure you'll find my profile...

Au revoir

Hoke... uh Russel.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Someone was reading Ken Bruen when I went on the site. Thanks for the tipoff. Another diversion in my day.

Russel said...

If it was Hackman Blues, I know who that is... but this could be a good thing if it takes off.

Anonymous said...


In regard to the URL I shall leave at the end of this post, it is to my personal website. The main focus of the website is in regard to special-interest topics, dealt with in a story I had published on an internet zine, which won't interest your readership or you.

However, if you click on the button link entitled "Literary Reviews" on the left of the Welcome Page, and then scan down the page you're brought to, I believe you might find an item of interest to you.

Good luck to you in The Million Writers Awards. I hope this might give your chances a boost.

--Don Schneider