Sunday, October 22, 2006

A very good place to start...

Mes Amis

For those who don't know, I start a new job tomorrow. Yes, I have said goodbye to the old shop and have gone to work in a new one. Albeit, its bigger and perhaps better suited to my interests in some ways.

Which means tonight will probably be sleepless. Like most people, I don't like being the new kid in town. Of course I am sure all will be fine, but there is that horrible feeling when you leave the familiar and dive into something new... have I made the right choice?

I think I have. I am nervous about the social aspect of fitting into a new place more than the job aspects. Five years in the old job and it was fitting like an old sweater. Actually probably better than an old sweater, because a job doesn't mind whether you get fatter than you were when you first started. But eventually you have to move on, and it was my time, I suppose. At least according to my bank who said, "get full time employment or we will cast you into the deepest, darkest pit we can find!"

So Russel is taking a deep breath before the plunge. And will try to stop talking about himself in the third person before tomorrow.

Lest his new employers think him insane.

Au revoir



Sandra Ruttan said...

I feel like phoning you every half an hour.

Just to see if you're up.

Brett Battles said...

Congrats on the new job, Russel. Hope you got a little sleep at least!

Sean Chercover said...

You'll be a big hit at the new job, Russel.
Just remember to dress for success (everyone is impressed by a man wearing a cheesehead).