Sunday, October 22, 2006

Robin Hood, Robin Hood Riding Through the Glens...

Mes Amis

Three weeks ago I wasted forty minutes of my life hoping that the new BBC Saturday night drama, Robin Hood would improve. After all, even the rather poor pilot episode of the revamped Doctor Who at least showed potential. But there was not one good thing to be said about the turgid, poorly scripted mess that was Robin Hood... except perhaps that the scenery was lovely.

And it seems that I'm not the only one to think so. Well done to the viewing public who have been turning away in their droves from ol Robin Hoodie* and his Boy Band of Merry... um, I'm not sure I can use the word men here as they're far more like startled ferrets who've been shoved in front of a TV camera.

8.2 million down to 6 million in three weeks is a hell of a loss. And its a shame. Because the BBC was on a role for a while. Who, despite some weak episodes, is perfect Saturday night fare (which Hood tried to emulate and failed miserably because - and surely someone must have realised this at some point - its not the same fucking show!). Life on Mars was a brilliant cop drama with an intriguing fantastical side... fuckit, Murphy's Law turned into Must See TV despite having James "Rent-a-cheeky-Irish-Chappie" Nesbitt in the lead. And hopefully Torchwood (which debuts tonight, but I'm recording NYPD Blue so will catch the repeat) might be half as good as the trails have been suggesting (violence, gore, sex and Welsh folks - what more could you want?).

But Robin Hood was a fucking disaster. And I hope the BBC have learned their lesson: a show can be flashy and snarky and filled with stunts, but if it doesn't have heart, the audience can tell.

Except with Coronation Street. But then that's novocaine for the masses.

Au revoir


*See, they made Robin Hood have a hood on his costume so it looks like he's wearing a hoodie and thus in touch with today's audience. Jesus, and that's as subtle as it gets.


Vincent said...

I only made it through ten minutes of Robin Hood before I thought it looked like toss. It's good to see the BBC trying to offer up Saturday evening viewing that isn't just a gameshow or a pseudo-soap like Casualty, but it's not going to work if they don't have good writing behind it. And I think last night's Torchwood debut episodes failed on that score too - could get better, but not an auspicious start.

Stuart MacBride said...

Torch-bloody-wouldn't is more like it.

Flat, cliched and in need of a good kick up the arse. Not so much an indepth critique as a whinge, but there you go.