Sunday, September 03, 2006

To The Max...

Mes Amis

As the delightful Sandra Ruttan has pointed out, the panels for Bouchercon have been confirmed so I can now reveal that your esteemed host shall be appearing at midday on the Thursday on a panel called X-Treme Writing: Taking Chances or Playing It Safe.

Or as I've begun to think of it: typing while Bungee jumping. Or taking notes while skateboarding.

I may have misinterpreted the "X-Treme" part, sure enough.

Anyway, the other (far more exciting) members of team X-Treme are:

Michael Robotham, Chris Knopf, moderator Duane Swierczynski (please, oh please, oh please tell me I spelt it right)

And some dude called Allan Guthrie who might be nominated for some award, I think...*

Oh yes, its a hell of a team. For those who don't know me, I'll be the wee nyaf on the end of the table, bowing in deference to the rest of the very talented assemblage. Seriously, its gonna be great fun.

Au revoir

*He really is up for an Anthony. Best PBO. Talented bastard he is. If you haven't read Kiss Her Goodbye yet, do yourself a favour and beg, borrow or steal (but preferably, so Al gets the money, buy) a copy. I mean, it should win on the Hard Case cover alone, but what's inside equals and exceeds that pulpy promise.


Sandra Ruttan said...

If we played crime fiction author scrabble, Swierczynski would be worth a lot of points.


I know where I'll be at noon on Thursday.

Steven said...

I also know where I'll be at noon on Thursday -- teaching in Connecticut. Sounds like a great line up and great fun. Who is going to be on the side of playing it safe?