Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"But Fozzie Bear, he’s got teeth, man."

Mes Amis

The Thrilling Detective ezine is the premier source for new PI fiction. And, after a long (and worthwhile) wait, the new issue has come around*... A special issue for me as it features my story, "Like A Matter of Honour" - a new Sam Bryson story.

But it also has stuff by talented writers, too... including Daniel Hatadi, Sarah Weinman, Kim Harrington and DH Redall. And its stuffed with enough PI goodies to sink a shipload of illegal imports.

So don't delay, read it today... the TD guys are not only sharp editors (they took me to task on early drafts of this puppy) but they're tremendously cool guys.

Au revoir


*Yeah, I know, apparently there's another ezine that's late... its coming, its coming...


Sandra Ruttan said...

Congrats Russel.

Bryon Quertermous said...

Fantastic story man. What a fucking weirdo you are.