Wednesday, April 05, 2006

No, not that one...

Mes Amis

I've been updating my links since discovering that the rather talented Mr John Connolly (If you haven't read his books, what have you been doing with your life?) has joined the ranks of authors what blog. And realised that, well, my old link to what I assumed was his website was wrong. So, Mr John A Connolly, the real estate agent, I do apologise for sending folks to your site what were looking for dark crime fiction with a supernatural element. Um, and John Connolly the writer fella, I do apologise for not sending people to your website. But all shall be corrected.

In a related note if you search for Russel McLean on google or such (without the D, obviously) you get as well as things concerning myself several pieces about a holistic dentist. Which is ironic considering my mortal fear of the dental profession (my old dentist was the spitting image of Lawrence Olivier in Marathon Man).

Anyway point is, now the error's been cleaned up.

Au revoir



that girl said...

j'know? I searched for "Russel Mclean" on google and got a story about someone being evicted from a caravan park for shouting "what do women WANT?????" at an inhuman volume at 3 in the morning.

Alexanderhs said...

a word of advice. links to you as 'Russel McLean' sans 'd'.

and i know how you don't like that.

maybe you should box her ears or... murder her infants...