Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"I'm sorry, *who* smells of whelks...?"

Mes Amis

The talented Mary Regan has put up a batch of wonderful pictures from this year's Left Coast Crime, including one of Mr Whelk over on the left hand side (clearly trying to figure out for sure just who sent him that note at reception). A wonderful time was had by all at the convention even those of us not officially in attendance.

Mary's photos in general are always worth checking out (look she managed the impossible and once made me look intelligent!), so don't just look at the crime writers, check out her wonderful eye on the world while you're on the site.

Au revoir



that girl said...

Ok, Al Guthrie looks NOTHING like I imagined. AT ALL.

Mary said...

You say the nicest things sometimes

Russel said...


Only sometimes?! :-)

I really do love your photos - and I tells ya, I wants me a rainbow beard like the fella at the Easter Parade on the latest update (although maybe I'll miss out the pigeon on the head)... People are always telling me I should a splash of colour to my appearance...